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Building Generational Wealth

in a Volatile World.

We help you securing your family's future
Growing and Protecting your capital.  

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Who Is This For?

  • You feel neglected by large funds with bad results, high fees and no client service.

  • You're worried not having enough wealth to take care of your family and future generations.

  • You seek a safer, transparent and liquid alternative to a global equity fund. 

Agera Capital is an investment boutique, based in London, UK.

We are an investment manager for professional clients and US accredited investors. 

Agera is a Swedish verb that means "To Take Action".

In an uncertain and volatile world, the cost of not taking action to protect and build your wealth can be disastrous.  

About Us

What You Get From Working With Us:

20% Target Return

Flexible and nimble investment strategy.

Not "Buy & Hold".

Risk Monitoring

We aim to protect from capital losses using our data driven risk models.

15% Target drawdowns. 

Excellent Service

High-touch points with your Portfolio Manager.
Weekly liquidity. 100% control and transparency of your assets. 


Chief Investment Officer

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Mathias is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Agera Capital. Mathias has 20+ years of investing experience, managing $1+ billion portfolios for hedge funds, pension funds and family offices in the UK, Scandinavia and Asia.

He has been a professional investor through 9 bear markets, which provided invaluable lessons and developed his competitive edge to generate returns and protect capital in difficult markets. 

Previous roles include Portfolio Manager at Cambridge Strategy, Visor Holding LLP and Nordea Investment Management.  

Mathias holds a MSc from Lund University in Sweden and lives in London, UK.

Regulation and Compliance

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Theron is the CEO and Senior Portfolio Manager at Eschler Asset Management, a UK based investment management firm with $500 million in assets, providing portfolio management and institutional grade regulatory compliance services to professional investors.

Theron's previous roles include Indus Capital, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. 

A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA), he graduated magna cum laude from Middlebury College in 1995 with a degree in International Politics & Economics, and German.

Chief Operating Officer

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As Chief Operating Officer of Eschler Asset Management, John oversees non-investment related functions at the firm including compliance, IT and middle office.

Prior to joining Eschler, John worked for  Fisher Investments and Cognition Investment Partners as head of business development.

He holds a BSc degree in Genetics from The University of Manchester.



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20 Mortlake

London SW14 8JN



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